Essential Tools for Preventing Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze pic
Brain Freeze

Dr. Lester Sandman is a psychiatrist based in Bellevue, Washington. A referral private medical practitioner with extensive experience in treating mood disorders, Lester Sandman, MD, is also knowledgeable of the phenomenon of brain freeze.

Most people have experienced brain freeze at some point in their lives. According to psychologists, brain freeze is characterized by a malfunction of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for blocking out distractions and allowing individuals to focus on a single task.

Brain freeze is triggered by exposure to a lot of pressure at school, work, or home or by overthinking a situation such as a debate or a test.

Psychologists recommend a variety of tools to train your brain against freezing when you need it the most. The first tool is practice. By practicing, you expose yourself to the situation you will face and practice different methods of handling it. If it’s a presentation before a large audience, rehearse in front of your colleagues to prepare you for the big day.

Relaxation techniques such as meditation have also been shown to help increase the performance of the prefrontal cortex and to improve an individual’s ability to stay focused.